Satellite Images Daily from Planet Explorer

Planet’s satellite network captures a lot more imagery than has typically been available, and on a more frequent basis – it can collect a new snapshot of every piece of land on Earth daily, via its network of 149 orbital satellites.

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Earth from Space. Sentinel 2B poised for Liftoff

The second in the two-satellite Sentinel-2 mission is set for launch from French Guiana on 7 March at 01:49 GMT (02:49 CET). Follow the launch via live webstream.

The full SENTINEL-2 mission comprises twin polar-orbiting satellites in the same orbit, phased at 180° to each other.

The mission will monitor variability in land surface conditions, and its wide swath width and high revisit time (10 days at the equator with one satellite, and 5 days with 2 satellites  under cloud-free conditions which results in 2-3 days at mid-latitudes) will support monitoring of changes to vegetation within the growing season.The coverage limits are from between latitudes 56° south and 84° north.

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