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Almost all plant tissues contain endophytes

Accelerated decomposition of plant matter with fungi and endohypal bacteria? The dish on the right contains a fungi shown in the middle dish, but with an endohyphal bacteria living inside it.
fungi-bacteria symbiosis decomposition.png
Simple mixing of bacteria and fungi in solution to form these relationships?
Compost teas?

Plant roots 5x more likely than leaves to turn into soil organic matter

Plant roots are five times more likely than leaves to turn into soil organic matter for the same mass of material.

This among other findings from Stanford researchers.

Improving how land is managed could increase soil’s carbon storage enough to offset future carbon emissions from thawing permafrost, the researchers find. Among the possible approaches: reduced tillage, year-round livestock forage and compost application. Planting more perennial crops, instead of annuals, could store more carbon and reduce erosion by allowing roots to reach deeper into the ground.

Soil holds potential to slow global warming | Stanford News