The Imperfect Garden Planting Plan

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Controlling Fruit Flies with Netting or Clay [+Rant]

While many of the suggestions in this big ag monocropping series include sprays and traps with inorganic and organic pesticides, inorganic (that word again) row netting or kaolinite clay may be a good option according to their trials. Careful though, as kaolinite can kill all,┬áincluding the protective microbes on leaf and fruit surfaces that we eat. It’s also known to be effective on superbugs that form biofilms and quorum sense to work together and overpower a larger host. Powerful stuff.

Personally I’m not a fan of any form of aerosolised compounds, as without protection they are easily inhaled. One study I read even highlighted how many dangerous microbes in a grey watering systems became aerosolised when the winds picked up, and these weren’t even sprayed on!

Weather matters when you spray, fertigate, or simply irrigate! Why it’s a good reason to always subsurface irrigate where possible.