Grow straight deep taproots in compost holes

Have you ever noticed how when you mow regularly you get more pioneer weeds appearing with a strong taproot? Do you have poor heavy clay or stony soil that your back doesn’t fancy digging much? Are you just starting out and don’t yet have enough compost to no dig like the experts? And are you searching for a more holeistic approach to your gardening?

Why do all the hard work yourself when you can be like the weeds!

Well now you can with this one weird stick!

Angela’s Kitchen Garden

But that’s not all! Call now and we’ll include this set of augers for those whose soils are like concrete.


And, if you’re one of the first 100 callers we’ll include 200 buckets to hold your compost for only 50c extra!*


*each, shipping and handling not included, may come with extra frosting.

Soil Carbon Mineralization Limits.

A new study titled Is the rate of mineralization of soil organic carbon under microbiological control? suggests that:

  • the rate limiting step in SOC mineralization is abiotic (physical rather than biological).
  • that mineralization of SOC may be a two-stage process: firstly, non-bioavailable forms are converted abiologically to bioavailable forms, which, only then, undergo a second process, biological mineralization.

I’ll speculate and say that mineralization is perhaps limited by dissolved organic carbon in the form of plant exudates, and humates with complex and random chemical structures that are produced by weathering and detritivores that consume plant litter. Liquid compounds that tend to be lost when composting.

Compounds that are probably why wet climates and seagrasses sequester the most carbon.

Why drying and wetting of these compounds leads to CO2-Bursts.

Compounds we should be trying to keep in the soil profile doing good, and not in aquifers or waterways creating algal blooms, like we really need to with this recently discovered underground molten lake the size of Mexico!

That depending on the complexity of the carbon molecule as it gets passed down the soil carbon continuum food web it may be more than a two-stage process, with more than one in both the physical and biological realms based upon chemical energy and chemisorption of the carbon compounds.

*shrugs* Just my guess, I suck at chemistry.

Chemisorption:Screenshot from 2017-05-21 12-34-28.png