Careful where you barefoot.

Elephantiasis podoconiosis is caused by repeatedly walking barefoot in volcanic soils, which contain tiny, sharp mineral crystals that can penetrate the soles of the feet. Once these crystals are under the skin, they provoke repeated cycles of inflammation. Over time, the inflammation produces a build-up of scar tissue that blocks lymphatic vessels and produces dramatic and disabling swelling and open sores in the lower legs.

Mysterious outbreak of disfiguring tropical disease in western Uganda linked to decades of walking barefoot in volcanic soils | EurekAlert! Science News


When dogs come to visit the Barefoot

I normally walk barefoot all over this property. Over the years I’ve learnt to deal with rocks, thistles, baking concrete, and soil living spiders. However there’s one aspect of it that I’m yet to find a solution for. Dog shit.

Land mines.

We have two dogs visiting at the moment and one has had diarrhoea. It’s bad enough dodging the land mines but when it comes out runny its a whole new field game.

While washing my feet, I noticed that they could probably use a good beach sand scrubbing. One of the downsides of going barefoot is that you become complacent. It’s just so convenient that you don’t even think twice before heading in or out of the house and because I’m so tall, I rarely even see my feet. Sometimes wandering in and out carries with it soil from the garden, and I’ve noticed that while despite regular showers dead skin that would normally get rubbed off when wearing shoes, can stay and become food for microbes. Particularly on the tops of toes. Nothing a good brushing doesn’t clean off but interesting none the less, just not something I’ve had to deal with before.

I probably should wash my feet more than once in a blue moon.


I woke in the middle of the night to commotion upstairs, walking up the staircase barefoot in dim light, no sooner had I stepped off the stair mat… ugh. It’s all over the house. I don’t think I could own a dog and a house with carpet at the same time…

Floorboards, I love you. It took longer to clean the mats and rugs than the entire floor.

Now I’m playing a game of is the smell still here or there? Did I miss something? Ugh. To make matters worse tomorrow is 37C and it needs to be clean or it’ll stink the place up when my younger brother’s young son comes to visit and does his usual trick of face planting into the floor.

I found the smell. It was on the back of my calf muscle. Shit happens.