Sweaty Gardeners

I don’t know about you but whenever I’m out in the garden I can really work up a sweat and am always desperate for a drink.

Now I’m very tall and have always wondered if it was my size or just the fact I’m unfit.

Now researchers have found:

That irrespective of sex, larger individuals sweat more than smaller ones during cycle exercise in warm and tolerable conditions.

The study found that smaller males and females with more surface area per kilogram of body mass are more dependent on heat loss through increasing circulation and less dependent upon sweating.

The same body temperature changes were observed in all participants within each trial regardless of sex.

It’s not just because I’m unfit then… yipee. 😀

Did you also know that older people sweat less? And when cooled by fan don’t cool effectively?

Variations in body morphology explain gender differences in thermoeffector function during compensable heat stress – Notley – 2017 – Experimental Physiology – Wiley Online Library


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