Portable Polynesian Shower Tractor

Over on the Tiny House Blog Andrew covers the idea of separating the Tiny House from a bathroom on wheels and creating a new bowel movement.

I myself have thought of creating a modular housing system made of 2.4M cubes serving different functions. I chose 2.4M because it’s a standard material size and fits into vehicle width limits here. It also fits within many council regs that limit additional buildings to 10m^2 footprints without a permit. I even went to the extremes of trying to fit all household amenities into one as a thought experiment to see just how Tiny I could go. I even designed my toilet into the shower and chair.

I concluded that I’d rather build something modular or a small house or cabin in place rather than a Tiny House on wheels, but for others, building in smaller multiple mobile modules could be an excellent option that stinks less, creates less humidity, and offers more privacy.

I was reminded of the Compost Powered Shower System over at Good Life Permaculture built recently as a stop gap for their PDC participants.

Often amenities are afterthoughts. Perhaps they should have their own mobile movement.

What about a Rain Harvesting, Solar or Rocket Powered, Shower Tractor? Why let the chickens have all the fun. It’s not like I shower everyday anyway…


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