Permie Fit – Running in Joy.

Traditional fitness programs are all about rainbows, and that made me wonder what might permaculture fitness look like?

The patterns, edges, observations, stacking functions, succession, layers?

In and out of the garden?

Ben Pelton’s Fitness in the Garden is an interesting take.

Also over on Permies the post about Running in Joy by Joseph took my fancy.

“Running in Joy”. What I mean by that, is that I run as long as it is joyful to me. And the second that it stops being joyful, then I stop running and walk for a while. Then, in a little bit, when I feel joyful about running I run for a while again. By adopting the strategy of running in joy, every stride I ever take while running will be done in joy. If running is always a joyful activity for me, I’m likely to continue doing it. By making my runs about the joy of running, I’m paying closer attention to my gait, posture, breathing, etc. The physical motions of running became easier when I got rid of the timer. My workouts end up being more intense, even though I can’t graph the intensity on a chart. So for me, the most ergonomic method of running has ended up being “Running in Joy”.


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